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Report title: Removing Social Barriers for Energy-Limiting Conditions, by Chronic Illness Inclusion and Disability Rights UK

UNCRPD Shadow Report: Chronic Illness Inclusion full submission


Find out about our other research, policy and media work on the key social justice issues felt by our community:


Energy limiting chronic illness, energy impairment and disability

What do we mean by ELCI? Our research looked at the experiences and issues that unite the chronic illness community and explores why people with ELCI are missing from the disability rights movement. We believe language is important for disability visibility and we look at the role of systemic disbelief in denying us our rights as disabled 


ELCI, employment and social security

Understanding the lived experience of ELCI and energy impairment is key to reforming disability benefits assessments, rethinking disability employment and social security policy and promoting disability equality in the workplace.


Access, equality and inclusion

Access provisions for disabled people with ELCI are poorly understood. Find out about the importance of remote access and participation as a reasonable adjustment and tool for disability inclusion. 


Medical Ableism

Our survey into the healthcare experiences of disabled women with ELCI reveal shocking stigma, disbelief and neglect. Our report looks at what happens when people are labelled with ‘medically unexplained symptoms’. 


The impact of Covid-19

In 2020 we conducted a major survey on the impact of Covid-19 and the government’s response to the pandemic on disabled people with ELCI.