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The I already have a job…’ report, by Chronic Illness Inclusion and Leeds University Business School, sets out how government, employers and the benefits system are failing millions of people in the UK with Energy Limiting Chronic Illnesses – (ELCIs). The report is based on in-depth qualitative research among disabled people with a range of ELCIs funded by the DRILL programme of disabled-led research in 2018.

Chapter One sets out the evidence for considering ELCI as a distinct cohort of disabled people and describes the lived experience of energy impairment and its impact on life and work.

Chapter Two explores the barriers to employment faced by people with ELCI and proposes solutions, from reasonable adjustments to the hours and pace of work, to the creation of specially tailored roles to increase job opportunities for this group. 

Chapter Three outlines the problems with disability assessments that fail to capture the realities of ELCI and sets out the social security reforms needed to support the social inclusion of people with ELCI.

Essential reading for anyone connected to the world of work, to disability support/policy, to healthcare, to social security, or to anyone who knows someone with an ELCI – in other words, it is essential reading for pretty much everyone.” 

Dr Ben Geiger, Senior Lecturer in Social Policy, University of Kent.

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