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Our latest Report

The ‘I already have a job…’ report, by Chronic Illness Inclusion and Leeds University Business School, sets out how government, employers and the benefits system are failing millions of people in the UK with Energy Limiting Chronic Illnesses – (ELCIs).

Although one-in-three disabled people of working age experiences problems with stamina, breathing or fatigue, the report says that their needs are not reflected in the workplace, in legislation, or by disability assessments like the Work Capability Assessment (WCA).

Despite ELCIs affecting almost 5 million adults in the UK, these people are hidden within disability-related policies because their lived experiences of illness and impairment is widely misunderstood, often discredited, denied and disbelieved.

Lack of knowledge about ELCIs and how reasonable adjustments should work, make it impossible for people with these conditions do paid work. The rapid move to home working during the pandemic shows that such change is possible. It is imperative that employers continue such beneficial practices.

You can watch our launch event on YouTube.

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Stories of Our Lives

In many studies into the long-term effects of chronic illness individual stories are lost within the statistical data. Stories of Our Lives takes a different approach by collecting the experiences of five people living with energy-limiting illness and positioning their stories at the heart of the research.

These case studies provide a rare insight into the day-to-day reality of chronic illness, allowing the reader to see the common factors that affect the energy-impaired, regardless of the underlying causes. Humanising this data is an important step towards recognising the impact that chronic fatigue has on individuals, their families and their place within society.

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Submission: Work and Pensions Committee Inquiry into the Disability Employment Gap

CII recently shared evidence with the Work and Pensions Committee of how energy limiting chronic illness is largely overlooked within the landscape of employment support policy and services. Our submission to the Committee’s inquiry in December was based on our forthcoming report with Leeds University which follows extensive research into employment and social security issues with ELCI.

Our submission highlights the unique challenges of ELCI and employment, and calls for the government to implement policies specific to these conditions instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to addressing the disability employment gap. Some of our recommendations include reduction in hours, flexible working, and the creation of niche roles to accommodate workers with ELCI.

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Disability employment gap

CII were recently invited to give evidence to the House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee. This is the first time that evidence has been specifically sought from people living with energy limiting chronic illness – ELCI.

You can watch our Director Catherine Hale giving evidence on YouTube.

Catherine’s speech begins approximately 1 hour and 7 minutes into the recording.